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All organisations have some sort of information that is produced within the company. But is it the right information? And is it easy to read? But Performance Management is much more. In line with the company’s aspirations there right sets of KPI’s can be developed and be put into Dashboards. Depending on the organisation’s needs we can develop a Performance driven culture. One of our core competences that goes together with Behavioural Change is the development and implementation of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). It gives management on all levels within the organisation the right focus.

Development: the company’s goal translated into the lower levels’ goals


Many companies have that want to start with Performance Management look at their current view of information available, there current set of KPI’s. What is necessary for the development of Performance Management is not to look at what you already got but to look at the goals the company want to achieve. That is where we start with at Esito, the company’s goals are the first step for the right sets of KPI’s within your company. Once the KPI’s have been derived form the company’s goals these can be developed into proper dashboards that are appealing and user-friendly

Dashboards: using your ERP-data


With the right set of KPI’s the dashboards are then developed. We have determined what is required to steer the company correctly and we start developing the data. Many companies use ERP-systems like SAP or Navision. These systems gather a whole lot of data but provides you and your company very littel process information. Nevertheless, this process information is captured in the ERP-system and can be used to provide the organisation with the right information on thier process. Customed to the view required at each of the management level, because the shopfloor needs a whole lot more of detail than the top management level. Examples

How to get there?


Performance Management is a development project that requires teamwork. It links the company’s goals to the day-to-day goals on the shopfloor. In order to do so also the design process needs to be teamwork. That is where the right information comes together and where the change towards a Performance driven culture starts. Performance Management is therefore closely related to the Operational Management System. How do you steer your business? Where should these KPI’s be used? On what frequency so these need to be discussed? Read more about Operational Management System


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