Our Approach

We use a 2 step approach

Step 1: Analysis and project approach to agree the business case

Step 2: Deliver the agreed results

With this simple process we ensure that that we agree tangible results before we start to implement. Secondly we make sure that the organisation is mobilised for the change ahead.


     |—————–STEP 1—————-| |——————–STEP2——————| 

Implementation approach

We have experienced that improved business results can only be achieved and sustained by behavioural change at all levels of the organisation. As true implementers we know that behaviours are a consequence of 3 factors:

Processes: What activities are being done to add value to clients?

Management Systems: What do we do to control and improve?

People: What ability does the workforce have to execute the processes and what skills does
the management have to continuous improve the effectiveness.

In all phases of a project we use this thinking to structure the improvement effort.

Content and change management

During a project content as well as change is important. Our teams are set up to deliver on both. In our experience we have come across projects where the perfectly designed way of working is still sitting on some-ones desk. On the other hand when you only try to deal with behaviours without improving the way of working in practise, it is difficult for people to translate knowledge or awareness into actual behaviours.


Content & Change go together

This is why we have developed an approach where we integrate content and change! Content and change go hand in hand in each phase of the engagement.


The conditions for successful change are: Need for change, vision of success, an actionable plan and the capacity to change. If one of these is missing the project will not be successful. During the analysis phase we will work with you towards establishing these conditions.

Top down – Bottom up

Achieving results needs a combination of clear direction and handson improvement activities on shopfloor level. A challenging business case and a lot of shopfloor engagement to mobilize, check, and implement improvements is needed to make a successful change.

The project teams

Our teams exist of a combinations of Esito and client resources. In many cases we collaborate with operational excellence resources, lean coaches and other internal change managers. We believe that a team set-up like that is better for acceptance, internal skills improvement and sustainability.

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