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Depending on the resources required Esito selects its team members carefully. Depending on the size and specific needs in topics such as changing behaviours or performance management we set-up the best resources for the project. This has resulted in team sizes ranging from 1 to 15 of Esito members at the time.

Esito Core Team
Matthijs Bakker

Matthijs Bakker

Matthijs Bakker graduated in mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Delft. During his studies and first steps in corporate life he became interested in the complexity of organisations and the changes taking place.
After his first experiences in engineering Matthijs started working for leading consulting companies that focus primarily on the implementation of improvements. He evolved from project consultant to account manager. By founding ESITO a long cherished dream came through. Matthijs wants to support organisations in reaching sustainable results, hence lifting companies to a higher level. Matthijs is concerned with the realization of projects for our clients and the management of Esito. Contact

Karim Luyendijk

Karim Luyendijk

Karim Luyendijk completed international studies in business administration. Already in the beginning of his career he became interested in optimizing primary business processes which has been a red line throughout his career.
After working as an interim manager in the food industry in the UK, he deployed his knowledge and ambitions in the operations of industrial consultancy. He now focuses mainly on providing insight into management information for senior and middle management. Karim supports organisations in achieving higher efficiency and improved decision making. Contact

Steve Butler

Steve Butler

Steve Butler has over 25 years experience in business transformation and implementation consultancy across a broad range of service and manufacturing industries in Europe, Africa, North and Latin America. His specialties are Asset Management, Change Management, Supply Chain, Post Acquisition, Integration
Programme and Project Management. Besides that Steve has extensive knowledge of Sales and Marketing, Lean Process Design and Implementation of Behavioural Change. Contact

Kamiel Ruhe

Kamiel Ruhe

Kamiel Ruhe is an International Project Manager with broad experience (15+ years) in leading turn-around operations. Successfully managed projects for several clients in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United States, Canada as well as multi-location / multi-country projects, focusing on bottom line improvement. His experience lies in International Project Management (worldwide), Management Consulting, General Management, Process Management, Operations Management, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), organisational re-design, TQM, Lean, and Purchasing. His has extensive experience in Information Management, the development of Dashboards, Management Reporting, and Benefit Monitors for Management Team, Planning and employees: translating vast amounts of data into readible spreadsheets and graphs that influence your business. Contact

Stephan Mees ten Oever

Stephan Mees ten Oever

Stephen Mees ten Oever has a network of former clients in a wide-range of industries. For many customers Stephan is the first which whom they had contact with at Esito. At this first stage Stephan explains what Esito can do for the business. Once this contact has been established our project managers meet with our future customers to explain all of what we do. Contact


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