Change Management

Change is the only constant factor…

Albert Einstein

One of the famous quotes of Albert Einstein was about not changing and still expecting different results. We all understand that something has to be changed in order to get those better results. But what? The answer lies in behavioural change.

To change the behaviours of our personnel we will have to look in how they are treated and challenged today. If we want to change something on the work floor we need to change some behaviour here. In order to change behaviour we will have to look closely at how these individuals are managed. Is the management capable of driving change on the shop floor? During our projects we help management to have better management skills in which real change is applied where it is needed. Read more about Behavioural Change.

Albert Einstein — ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.’

Our belief

Results are very closely related to behaviours. These behaviours are influenced by 3 major factors:


The process is what a company does to add value for their costumers. In many companies the processes have been designed and written down. Compliance and uniformity are the key challenges in this area.

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Management Operating System

The Operational Management System has the goal of controllong and improving the processes. It consists of the meetings, documents and reports that have been installed to manage the processes. In many case this system has evolved based on needs and practices of the people involved. A close look at how it should be designed and managed can help the management of your processes tremendously.

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People and Organisation

People need to be equipped to execute the processes and the managers need to be able manage the processes through the management systems. To improve the behaviours of management levels we develop and train on the 8 management behaviours. As many managers have been selected for their technical knowledge, only few are actually trained to have better management skills.

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Change and content

During a change-project content as well as change is important. Our teams are set up to deliver on both.


In our experience we have come across projects where the perfectly designed way of working is still sitting on some-ones desk. On the other hand when you only try to deal with behaviours without improving the way of working in practise, it is difficult for people to translate knowledge or awareness into actual behaviours.


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